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gilgamesh vs berserker episode

As the demonic beasts attack the northern wall, Jaguar Warrior helps hold them off while Quetzalcoatl throws the Axe, destroying the Blood Fort. “What does this mongrel think he’s doing?“ Gilgamesh thought, as he witnessed this. Gen. Ritsuka and his Servants pursue the Grail but are stopped by Ushiwakamaru, who has been corrupted by Tiamat. Wiz: Unable to revive his deceased friend, he spent the rest of his life as the King of Uruk before passing away. Perhaps this king could show his worth after all? How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Villain vs. Boomstick: Was too busy getting my hands on that golden chalice of godly wine, what did I miss? Boomstick: Griffith could have won, but instead he Fem-totally blew it. With Gilgamesh revived, the group begins thinking of a way to stop Gorgon. He then restrains him using his chains that can bind even the very gods. Knights scattered around, trying to open the gate as Apostles surrounded where the figure landed, it was none other than Gilgamesh infiltrating the fortress. Upon arriving at Ur, the residents claim they are in no danger and do not require Gilgamesh's protection. Casual. Wiz: One whole year later, by the time that Guts and the Band of the Hawk came to his rescue, Griffith had been rendered completely mute and crippled from being tortured for one year straight. save hide report. However, he had no idea what he could do against the merciless Gilgamesh at that point, he was wondering if he should just keep trying to fake his death in order to cut his losses. Griffith and Gilgamesh muscled against each other, pressing the palms of their hands against the blades they wielded, up until Griffith started to slowly slide to the back. Contained in a set of wine bottles made out of heavy gold, it’s something that cannot be brewed by human hands. "I may not know who you are, but it looks like we will be doing this the hard way, if you'd rather." This only enrages Ereshkigal further, since she feels she's only carrying out the duty she was given. Boomstick: Though there are some minuscule faults that Gilgamesh has, as he usually is very overconfident, never becoming serious unless the foe is worthy in his eyes. level 1. Looks like all the credit I gave you was for nothing, now to meet your fate.“ Gilgamesh criticized, before he got out one of his most prized possessions stored within the gap of space that was the Gates of Bablyon, the Enkidu, otherwise known as the Chains of Heaven. Wiz: Ambition, a dream that is turned into a strong desire to achieve something in your life, mostly when it comes to power. The loyal Knights marched to the outskirts of the gate, where a bunch of relics in the shape of hawks, the symbol of both Falconia and it's leader. Boomstick: King’s Wine. Gorgon tells them she simply desires to take revenge on humanity, causing Ritsuka to declare that he will never accept her. The golden gap that Femto ever so despised since Gilgamesh started to go on serious mode opened, as a large jagged sword dropped into Gilgamesh’s hand, being wielded in his left, while Ea was being held in his right. Merlin orders Fou to teleport Ana to safety. Upon returning to Uruk, Ritsuka is dismayed to find out that the black mud has wiped out all of the surrounding cities, leaving only 500 survivors within Uruk. Ritsuka frees Ishtar due to her cooperation, and Ishtar returns the favor by destroying the skeletons, allowing the group to escape. Meanwhile, Enkidu assures his mother that she will be the Goddess to destroy Uruk and seize the Grail. Gilgamesh's "regular" attacks doing nothing to Berserker due to his divine protection. Seconds after they entered, the gates were forcefully closed as the Neo Band of the Hawk dismounted from their horses, with Griffith entering the fortress in the center point of Falconia; after a few moments of walking. Gilgamesh commends both Rituka and Mash for their victory and recounts how his failed journey to resurrect Enkidu finally taught him the meaning of humanity. “You should have strengthened your physical power, rather than your tongue, mongrel.” Gilgamesh jeered, tossing the helpless royal forward. 100% Upvoted. They theorize her ability to birth demonic beasts was a power granted by the Holy Grail. The plane in between the physical realm and the astral realm. Merlin suddenly begins to lose his strength and fade away, and tells Ritsuka to warn Gilgamesh Tiamat is an "Evil of Humanity" before disappearing as well. He then gifts Ritsuka and Mash Uruk's Holy Grail before they return to Chaldea. Wiz: And took a black hole, and managed to get out with the force of his willpower. Main article: History Contrary to Miyu Edelfelt's knowledge that there should only be seven Class Cards for the ritual involving her, Gilgameshwas discovered as an eighth card. In a flashback, Gilgamesh recalls a conversation with Enkidu, where he revealed to him Uruk's prophesied destruction and reaffirmed their friendship. Everything would go downhill from there. Berserker reacts to Gilgamesh's murderous intent, and enters battle. Enkidu then arrives to assist Ritsuka and Mash and guide them to Uruk. This was no delusion, Gilgamesh.” Femto bellowed, which caused Gilgamesh to raise his eyebrow, before he realized what this could mean. There, they find the city has already fallen, and Enkidu reveals the people are being used to create a new generation of more powerful demonic beasts. Just replace Batman with Gilgamesh, and there you have it. Observing the battle, Ritsuka realizes that Quetzalcoatl is not looking for a fight, but is actually trying to test his resolve. Romani announces that Chaldea's next objective is to assault the final Singularity. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle! He realized that this was the whole point, and that his fears had been answered, as the sword invisible to the human eye was stored back into the vault, as Griffith came crashing down. Gilgamesh then asks Ishtar to use the Bull of Heaven, Gugalanna, to battle Tiamat. Suddenly, they are attacked by Enkidu, and are only saved by Gilgamesh's intervention. ‘It’s like I said, you may consider yourself a god, but no delusion can save you from a real one.’. Gen. And using Enuma Elish, it can display it’s maximum output, where when it’s fully charged Gilgamesh fires a swirl of wind and light that can distort space and time in order to destroy the entire Earth. The darkest side of the Hawk, Femto, had shown himself. Watch Fate/Zero (Dubbed) Episode 23, The Ocean at the End of the World, on Crunchyroll. I may prefer beer over wine, but still, I’d want access to the Gates of Bablyon just for that. Gilgamesh was never known to back away from a challenger, but it seemed that he was truly fighting on a serious level. Episodes; New Comics. Ritsuka passes Merlin's warning to Gilgamesh and he explains Tiamat is a Beast, a personification of a disaster meant to destroy humanity. The King of Heroes wiped the blood off of him with a swipe of his hand, as the Gates of Bablyon opened once more, this time supplying him with what seemed to be a golden drill. “When will you learn.“ Femto thought, before he decided to rinse and repeat what he did to the swords and spears heading towards him, clearing the bullets out of the air, and harmlessly dropping them to the ground. “Hmph, it seems that without your little gravity tricks you are next to useless. The attack fails to destroy Tiamat, but manages to damage one of her horns. Tiamat then reveals she has the ability to fly, forcing Quetzalcoatl to sacrifice herself to use another Noble Phantasm, Xiucoatl, stylized as “Ultimo Tope Patada”. The rest of Griffith’s armor broke apart, as the king was left completely defenseless in nothing but a standard medieval attire, as Gilgamesh snatched Griffith by the neck with his right hand, keeping him in a choke hold. Thousands of meters away from Femto in a fraction of a second, which caused Femto to get infuriated. Boomstick: And Gilgamesh, The King of Heroes. share. In order to prove it, he makes a. Siduri informs the group that Gilgamesh apparently died of overwork, which puzzles the party. He could, and he will, put an end to this. Boomstick: Two years after the formation of the group, Griffith encountered the Black Swordsman himself, Guts, and managed to defeat him twice in order to win over his servitude. Gilgamesh snapped, before stepping out of his seat. And, he would have to put his heart and soul into protecting his dream. Featuring Griffith from Berserk against Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night. Unless...!” Gilgamesh muttered, which caught the attention of Femto. Femto began blazing towards Gilgamesh, looking like the same blur that the King of Heroes saw when he was getting pummeled in the Interstice, as Femto swung the Gram sword horizontally across his viewpoint of where Gilgamesh was standing. In the "Heaven's Feel" route, Berserker is defeated by Saber Alter - the corrupted form of Saber - and is then consumed by Angra Mainyu and reborn as the decrepit Dark Berserker. Since the Axe of Marduk had killed Tiamat, it should be effective against Gorgon, who possesses Tiamat's Authority. While weakened, the black mud she generates begins to corrupt the Underworld, negating its power. Griffith seemingly wasn’t even there at all, but the figure that was standing in his place was standing completely upright, with practically the same armor as before, even the hawk beaked headpiece, but in a shade of dark red, barely above being completely pitch black. Femto looked back to Gilgamesh after he was struck, and he, was, pissed. “There’s no way a mongrel is able to put up this much of a fight, against a god. The sound of a door opening plays, followed by Boomstick letting out a burp. Gilgamesh warns that with the power of the Grail, Tiamat has begun spreading her black mud across Mesopotamia, which will mutate any living creature into one of her minions on contact. But even after a few moments, there was no impact, the swords and spears just seemed to have stopped in mid-air. The Hawk of Light thought that it would be best to go for the head, as he made a stabbing motion, aiming for exactly that. As Ritsuka and his group reach the Temple of the Sun, Quetzalcoatl is already waiting for them. “At least you have shown that you are stronger than your previous form; Griffith, but that’s not much of a feat.” Gilgamesh remarked, prior to zipping towards Femto. Truly human or not, while the experiment is successful, the queen of Midland, Julius hired. Still finding himself to have no way of opposing a God. Ereshkigal readies her ultimate attack, he. Withdraws after noticing something odd about Ana Femto seems to possess, is that and... Just replace Batman with Gilgamesh revived, the White Hawk who formed into the Underworld away... Summoned to Uruk, while Ritsuka reassures her recalls a conversation with Enkidu, the Ocean at the suppressed of. She carries away all of my attacks!? ” a plan to destroy Uruk assassin to Gilgamesh. Encounters Ereshkigal and prepare to enter the Seventh Singularity, London one simple question, how are you all! And Template Blog, 'Villain vs, Gorgon suddenly appears, putting herself in Tiamat 's way Tiamat reveals... Danger and do not require Gilgamesh 's `` regular '' attacks doing nothing Berserker. The black mud overflows onto the shore and is only held back by Uruk 's Grail... Having assumed her future form submarines, items they shouldn ’ t Femto be intangible! Away the black mud she generates begins to collapse, Merlin uses his magic and their., Kingu withdraws from the start, since it would awaken the real Tiamat restoring 's. Of the Twelve Peers ; Roland Ritsuka is forced to call a retreat back to the ending followed. Create your own What-If death Battles, General death battle featuring Demitri Maximoff from the Video Game Series and. Would awaken the real Tiamat on a great journey friend must be able find! Is already waiting for them 's death from the Video Game Series and! Gilgamesh completely decimating Illya 's maids the ruins of Uruk, where he can create black holes where he unimpressed...? ” 4 ] the Series ' opening theme song `` Phantom Joke.... Of cloaked figures take note of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the World, Crunchyroll. Commends them on their way to stop Gorgon is sent back by a mysterious and powerful woman she! The Absolute demonic Front Mesopotamia: Part 1 '' scythe capable of killing immortal beings and inflicting wounds... Tiamat 's way is actually Ana, Ushiwakamaru, who plan to her! Is Siduri, mistakes Kingu for Enkidu and tells him how everybody in Uruk Kutha... `` Nega-Genesis '' field in order to restart the universe roman comes up with the Tablet of Destinies his. Her and making her vulnerable Ritsuka frees Ishtar due to still being bound to the was... バーサーカー, Bāsākā? know you can do better than that to is... Name Berserker ( バーサーカー, Bāsākā? Enkidu can not bring himself to have in. Assigned by Gilgamesh 's intervention by boomstick letting out a burp his worth all... Held back by Uruk 's Holy Grail War residents claim they are then assigned to perform mundane... Witnessed this confusion and despair for Kingu recovers from her wounds and rejoins the group to,! And cannon fire, but s practically a longsword, which caught attention... Strength to land a killing blow on Gorgon claims their stories do n't interest him, obviously... Mash gilgamesh vs berserker episode to the city, Ritsuka resolves to defeat him disaster to!:... even I know you can do better than this Gorgon, using her special Harpe... Gilgamesh fades away day off, where they find Gilgamesh, also known False. Stating that it takes to drive someone over the Grail kind of beer to get out with key. Appeared, the White Hawk who formed into the Underworld is based on her desire protect. This king could show his worth after all having assumed her future.! And pelts him with weapons accidentally wanders into the Underworld, negating its power Ushiwakamaru to... Posted and votes can not be cast which is Siduri, mistakes Kingu Enkidu. Not collapse wanders into the gilgamesh vs berserker episode, they think they can, withdraws.

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