June 29th 2020

As restrictions are relaxing, and there’s a steady return to something that more closely resembles the way we’re all used to working, we wanted to let you know what this means for the way we’re operating now, as well as for future plans.

What’s happening now/future plans?

The construction industry is tentatively coming back to life. We’re heartened to have had an upturn in enquiries, showing that there’s confidence in the sector. Recommencement of postponed projects are beginning to get underway again. We’re having socially distanced meetings, with both existing and new clients, as we have continued to do throughout this period.

Although we’re still work remotely, we’re making plans for a return to the office, most likely within the next month, in line with guidance. We look forward to having staff who have been furloughed return at that point. They have been missed.

Helping you return to a safe and compliant workplace

We’re pleased to be working for ‘Covid Workplace Solutions’ (CWS), where we’re helping by providing design solutions for businesses who are looking for a variety of safe and complaint solutions for their workplaces. If this is something your firm could benefit from, we’re pleased to share this news with you. So, if you’re preparing for a return to work and are in need of expert guidance, desk partitions, safety screens and sanitising stations then please visit www.covidworkplacesolutions.co.uk or call 0141 280 9967 and quote ‘inkdesign’.


As usual, please do get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Once again, we thank you for the support you have shown us during this time and we hope that you’re well and looking forward to this next chapter.
With warm regards,