February 15th, 2018

At the end of last year, Urban Realm pulled together a summary of the best architectural practices at work. The team at inkdesign were delighted to be featured as one of the practices doing the most to reshape our built environment. An excerpt of this is shown below.

Interview with Maurice Hickey, Managing Director, inkdesign architecture:

Can architecture change the world?

No, people change the world. Architecture has a significant influence on shaping the environment that people live within, but without people there is no architecture.

What distinguishes your practice from others?

Our ability to build open and honest relationships with our clients. While our projects and our team have grown in size over the last few years, the practice still offers our clients a personal relationship.

How will you achieve further growth?

We have been fortunate to sustain steady growth year on year. Whilst the majority of our work comes to us via recommendation, even the larger projects, we’re implementing a targeted marketing strategy that will open up the practice to potential clients currently unaware of what we can offer.

For further information, please contact:
Maurice Hickey maurice@inkdesign.co.uk, Managing Director, inkdesign architecture,
Tel: 0141 552 2729