March 7th, 2018

Saturday 3rd March saw members of the public, local action groups, councillors, as well as Glasgow’s Lord Provost, come along to Riverside Hall, in Govan, to witness proposed plans for the Graving Docks site.

The team at inkdesign, who were also joined by Ferguson Marine and Iceni, were on-hand to chat through plans and answer any questions.  There was a real sense of engagement from all on the day, even from the children, who interacted with the large 3m x 2.4m site plan – laid out on the floor – to encourage a closer connection to the site.

Attendees were particularly interested to hear about the multi-use aspect of the proposal; with plans incorporating ship repair and maintenance, a maritime museum, proposed ferryboat trips, not to mention an outdoor swimming pool.  There was a lot to discuss and an appetite for regeneration was prevalent throughout the day.

The team at inkdesign are looking forward to keeping you up-to-date with further developments as the project unfolds…it’s set to be a very interesting chapter for this part of the City.




To reinstate the Grade A Listed former dry docks for ship repair and maintenance. 

The dry docks will provide a facility for Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd. to maintain and repair ships and boats while the adjacent tidal basin site will create the opportunity for a cultural, mixed use development.

The former ‘graving’ dry docks are regarded proudly by the people who used to work there and looked upon as a ‘favourite place’ by the local community of Govan. These docks are the last and most complete vestige of Glasgow’s shipbuilding past and this proposal suggests the restoration and regeneration of this listed structure with the aim of creating opportunities within the community for future generations.

Jim McColl OBE, CEO of Clyde Blowers Capital, the owners of Ferguson Marine, is a passionate advocate of shipbuilding on the River Clyde. Following the 2014 takeover of Fergusons in Port Glasgow and the continued growth of Ferguson Marine, the company aims to restore the dry docks as a ship repair and maintenance facility fit for the modern age. The proposal will also take into account the current nature of industry on the river, place making within the city and promote the cultural identity of Govan.

The overall vision for the dry docks is enhanced by a proposed celebration of the cultural history of ‘Clyde Built’ in the form of a ‘Maritime Museum’ to be situated alongside the tidal basin. This will have direct associations with the working dry docks and offer the people of Glasgow and visitors alike, a tangible link to Glasgow’s world famous shipbuilding heritage.

The proposal also suggests the development of live work facilities, potential for small workshops, creative workspaces, residential accommodation, and small shops and cafes to support this, with the aim of promoting activity on the site throughout the day, enhancing the reintegration of the site into the local economy and local community.

The wider context of this proposal aims to create a new destination for the city and an enhanced place within Govan. The physical restoration of the ‘Graving Docks’ also aims to restore the historical and cultural identity associated with Govan and the River Clyde. The proposed enhanced connections and routes aim to improve and encourage activity and public engagement along and across the river.


For further information, please contact:

Maurice Hickey, Director, Inkdesign Architecture,

Tel: 0141 552 2729